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3 Best and Worst ROI Repairs When Selling

So you’re thinking of selling your house. And you’re a pretty normal person so you want to be able to sell it and make the most amount of money as humanly possible… And you want to know what you need to do to fix or improve your house to do just that.

Maybe you need a complete remodel. You know I’m talking like going full Caitlyn Jenner. You take some out here, you add something there, you change a few things around and you rename your house! Or something like that… Or maybe only small improvements are needed… a little botox, some filler, a scalpel to your nose and you’re good as new!

So whats the doctor order?!

When a buyer pulls up to your house, you have only a couple of seconds to catch their eye. And trust me, you don’t want to be tinders version of Jim. Jim is a real catch on his profile pictures… Hes tall, dark- a real drink of water. But when girls meet Jim he looks like Steven Tylers mouth ate Tom Cruises face symmetry. Seriously, have you guys seen Tom Cruise? Its like his mouth got hit by an angry bird but everything north of his nose got off scotch free. I’m sorry. If you like Tom Cruise…. Good luck watching his movies in the future.

So instead of getting reconstructive surgery on your feet instead of your money maker… See what i did there. Let’s talk about what improvements will give you the most bang for your buck, and some of the worst ideas for your ROI before you sell…

The number 1 ranking improvement you can make is….

1. Small bathroom remodel: They say bathrooms are the windows to a homes soul. No one says that but it’s a good way to look at it. A bathroom basically has the most potential of anywhere inside the entire home to look dirty and gross. And that means it has the greatest potential to turn a buyer off. It’s probably a good idea to replace your beaver whack toilet seat or replace the 300 year old shower head with something new. I want to stress here we’re talking about a “small” remodel. Just a little lipstick. Keep your budget low and make cosmetic changes that enhance the space.

2. Landscaping: I can’t tell you how many homes I show with huge shrubs and bushes blocking off front and back windows and encroaching on walkways. If you have trees with huge overhanging branches get a samurai sword out cut them off. If you have big overgrown bushes, trim them boys back to a bonsai tree. Go ahead and watch Chip and Joanna do their thing on fixer upper. They are not planting massive trees and bushes. People want simple and clean flower beds. Clean it up, space out a few plants, and throw down some new mulch. Less is more here.

3. Exterior Improvements: like replacing your entry door. Imagine standing outside a home picturing whether you could live inside it. The first thing you want to feel is that boyish love that comes the second you see when you watched Topanga on “Boy Meets World.” It doesn’t matter if it was built in 1923 and is 96 years old looking like Mr. Feeny. Its time for you to put some new dentures in and replace your front door with a new package that screams, I’m still alive. You have to make sure it fits the style and character of your home. If you cant afford a new door, you can get the same effect by painting your door a bright or muted color that gives it some charm.

Now let’s talk about the renovations that yield the smallest returns.

1. The first principle is Never go over the top… like Lebron’s hairline. Stay away from custom.
You always hear, kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. While that may be true, gutting what you have and investing 40-80k into new dovetail inset cabinets, Italian granite, imported backsplash and custom carved showers isn’t the best way for some cash on cash return. Sometimes minor changes like painting cabinets, replacing the face plates, or simply changing out an old toilet for a brand new $100 one can do the trick. Now obviously this depends on your homes price point. This doesn’t apply for luxury homes. Most buyers are not sophisticated enough to know the different between nice and fully custom. So keep it basic man. Don’t spend more than you need to on things you don’t need to.

2. Home office remodel: Most people don’t need it anyways. They’d use it as a bedroom or living space. So decking it out with mahogany wood and pictures of yourself in black and white isn’t the look man. Don’t do it.

3. Throwing money at swimming pools: Many people enjoy them. But many don’t. They require a ton of maintenance and money to keep them flowing. Unless you live in a sunshine state and all of your neighbors have them, best to keep those on the no no.

Every home and neighborhood is different. These are just broad suggestions. Sometimes it may require extensive repairs to get your home in a condition where it will sell for top dollar. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. If you would like more information specific to your property, message me and let’s set up a time where I can evaluate your property and give you my .02

Best of luck and as always, happy ROI.

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